Wholesale Auto Engine Camshaft Variable Timing VVT Solenoid Valve Oil Control Valve 15330-0Y060 For Toyota Avanza Yaris

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Variable Valve Timing Features:

  • Enhance power output: adjust valve timing according to changes in engine load and speed to improve power output.

  • Improve fuel economy:  Achieve better combustion efficiency, reduce waste and reduce fuel consumption by optimizing valve timing.

  • Reduce tail gas emissions: It can improve the combustion process, reduce the emissions of unburned fuel and harmful substances, and 

    reduce pollution.

  • Expanded working range: Provide better engine performance, expand the working range of the engine, and adapt to the needs of different 

    driving conditions.

  • Improve engine responsiveness: quickly adjust valve timing according to driving needs, quickly respond to acceleration and deceleration 

    operations, and improve vehicle controllability.