Auto Engine Parts Gasoline Fuel Injector Nozzle 0280156166 For For BYD F3 1.6L FIAT

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  • High-precision injection: With high-precision injection capability, it can inject fuel into the cylinder as fine and uniform

    particles to provide better combustion efficiency and power output.

  • Quick response: Quickly respond to engine control unit instructions to achieve precise injection time and injection volume

    control to adapt to fuel needs under different working conditions.

  • Durability and reliability: Using high-temperature resistant materials and advanced sealing technology,it can resist fuel 

    corrosion and pressure shock, and has a long service life and reliability.

  • Fuel saving and environmental protection: The fuel injection amount can be flexibly adjusted according to changes in engine load and speed to achieve optimal fuel economy and emission performance, and reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.